Project Dragonfly ? About me ? where to start ? Well to be fair this is the start, the start of a new adventure, an adventure into FPV flight…So

Let’s start with me then.

I run two reasonably successful community clubs, ISLAND RECON AIRSOFT COMBAT  for ten years and FIRST PERSON SHOOTER for four years. I recently gave up full time secure employment ( I know right!)  took a chance you may say ? to put all my efforts into these clubs as well as other ideas I have, PROJECT DRAGONFLY being just one of those idea’s.


The latest addition. Now I’ll be honest,  just like the other two clubs, I started with very little knowledge of the respective sports/Hobbies but if the other clubs have taught me anything it’s that, that barrier can be overcome with enthusiasm, passion and some good old fashioned hard work. A great idea deserves at least those three things and if I believe in something, I’m all over it! …


Now the sport/hobby itself has got to have a competitive element, it also has to offer the full on hobbyist the chance to be able to upgrade there kit but also allow those of a more (just for the sport) persuasion, the chance to well just (plug n play)  but for me and my team these things are just the vehicle to bring people together from our community, making new friends and ultimately how our members feel when they are with us. Did they feel welcome, included, valued, make friends, did they have fun and of course will they come back… We put a lot of effort into developing the way we run our clubs based on theses values. this will be the case with PROJECT DRAGONFLY.

Posted by Mark Rooney on Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The real exiting thing for me is that the FPV racing sport is so new, so new in fact the template on how to ? is still being developed. On the Isle of Wight there are a few people flying racing quads (of course there are) but so few there is no real traction yet, that’s where PROJECT DRAGONFLY comes in. You can take your quad to a field up on the downs but in my experience you can get some positive but also negative vibes from passers by, you could say “sod em!” but that’s not going to further the sport in a good light. Also flying FPV anywhere is amazing (Freestyle) but you need a spotter and to be challenged… also once your packs are spent, your done! So we are looking to create a safer environment to express yourself in, one which has tracks to race around, against yourself and others with all the facilities needed  so you can make running repairs, get your packs charged and  keep flying…


First there is the research, ON GOING!… There’s so much and always something new to learn but there comes a point when you just have to jump in, feet first. We have had our first delivery of Micro quads and accessories and we have the venues, so all good but flying these things does take some practice and you will not be able to just pick one up and negotiate a race track, so there will be a period where we all are getting used to the art.  I have been getting as much stick time in as possible both on the simulator and in the air. You will have to do the same but after a few weeks you will feel your ability and confidence grow as you gain the muscle memory needed. Again the beauty of that is, not many are good at it here yet, so now is the time to be in at the beginning, I know exiting right! No date is set but we will open soon, start slow and build from there.


We have an indoor track suitable for Micro quads access to start with will be Saturday evenings and every other Sunday. The joy of Micro’s is you can fly at home, in the office… well just about anywhere, keep it close by and your packs charged you will always find a moment to fly 😉

When our weather allows and our skills develop we have also secured a woodland race area as well for Micro events and training as well as a large field for the bigger faster class of racing quad… As mentioned we are also in the process of building stock of first micro’s and accessories with other classes to follow.

So we are close but not quite ready to open just yet, much time and investment has and will continue over the coming months/years. If the sport is to grow, clubs like this will be needed so we at PROJECT DRAGONFLY are committed to being at the forefront of that global trend, keeping what works and changing that which does not, always looking for the best ways to bring people together.

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