It’s a simple concept gang, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. and with FPV flying/racing it’s all about burning through some packs and getting the hours on the sticks… Life can of course get in the way, Whether you have all the kit but no spare time or your just starting out hooking up to a great FPV SIM  will keep your flight hours up or if your new to the sport, get you used to flying and by the time you have all your kit together, you will be ready…

For this reason we at PROJECT DRAGONFLY recommend ROTOR RUSH an organisation totally dedicated to the betterment of the sport of FPV RACING and us the pilots. Why would we not ? Real world race tracks, Tiny Whoop tracks, freestyle cityscapes and on line events, whats not to like ?

“The Rotor Rush initiative links all the key elements of drone sports to promote a community in which all participants, regardless of their level, work together for the benefit of the whole sport.”

From the young person who has learnt to fly drones at school through Rotor Rush Academy and now wants to join their local race organisation or chapter, to the professional pilot who wants to pass on their skills to others, to the pro-gamer competing in Rotor Rush Esports who wants to go on to race real drones at real events. By linking and supporting these key elements we create a stronger more unified sport for all to enjoy.

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