Well, you may well ask… Gang, It’s all unfolding like this.

Being the type of person I am once an idea sets in I,m all or nothing and this project has been no different, I had acquired the location and set up a Facebook page and website in readiness. I then altered the name of the club, no problem there, but in their infinite wisdom FB published and I could not unpublish, I know right! This put the club out there.  Also when I first started to fly the track the crops were low, add a little rain and sunshine and up it went, Jack in the Beanstalk style! The learning curve here was, finding your downed drone can take some locating and if the winds up you can’t hear the buzzer…a nightmare! also, I would not want people stomping down all the crops, so you get the picture.

So whats the plan now?

The plan was I invest, buy stock and by that I mean the very affordable Eachine Wizard x220 and parts to give new pilots a good low entry level quad and the backup to keep them flying. We open and use all income generated to build the best venue possible. With the crop issue, this has given me time to sit back (reference previous comment on, idea and all in) do more research and reflect.

The crop comes down mid to the end of August at which point the ground will be, drilled I believe is the farming terminology and seeded to grass as this 4-acre  field will be left fallow YAY! work on the layout of the track can then begin, also The landowner has agreed for us to build a covered for purpose structure for our pilots to sit in while in flight so the need to set up and take down marquees will no longer be a necessity.

The larger drag racing track will be seasonal with a 4 or 5-month window to explore that exciting development in the sport.

Now this will give a time frame of about 13 months for us to prove the concept to our landowner, that a Quad racing venue and the sport is a viable way to diversify his land… I think it can work, I think we can make it work and even if it doesn’t ill never regret trying and be richer for the experience, so for that reason, I’m still all in. x


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