Its been said I “wear it on my sleeve” I guess I do ? but it’s who I am, so It’s how things will be with PROJECT DRAGONFLY.

If the club is be able to offer you, the user the very best facilities, the club has to be able to make money, one of the ways this can be achieved is buy selling the kit our members and others may choose to use.

Now I have looked at lots of kit, there is so much to choose from, which is great but it comes down to budget! and even with a larger budget than we have it would be some investment to stock everything if not impossible. So choices had to be made and a strategy put in place. We looked at two high end and two mid range offerings in the Micro area. Affordability was a driver as was accessibility of spare parts, this made us drop the high end products, not so much the parts but for the most part affordability, we figured if a pilot dreams of owning the very best kit available and has the disposable income to buy such kit, there are many places that will take there hard earn’t cash and that this was not where we could place ourselves at this point in the adventure.

We chose in the end to supply the Makerfire Micro quads and accessories which are based on the well known Tiny Whoops as are they all and a direct copy of the Eachine E010 frame. The reviews for this Micro are good which make it a popular choice for new pilots on a budget. We also have in stock just about every replacement part available to keep this product doing what it was built to do. These parts are for the most part plug n play so if one of your motors gives up, swapping in a new one takes no time at all and won’t rob the bank 😉

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