Call them what you will gang, the fact remains these little fella’s are now a big part of FPV quad racing in one form or another.

Small enough to fit in your back pack, glove compartment or even your lunch box and in doing so is a great way to get a hit and keep your hand in, around the home on a rainy day or the office while on lunch…or not, but that’s for you…

Lots of groups are getting together to race and lets face it, get together for a cheap sociable night out and gang PROJECT DRAGONFLY is going to be about just that. So we have our own indoor all weather Tiny Whoop, Quad Copter, Affordable, Whoopty Doopty Venue lol and let’s not forget Sociable, always Sociable.

If your new to the sport yes they can be tricky to get the hang of (see my video’s)…Yeah! ┬ábut they are forgiving and can take some knocks, giving you time to get to grips with the controls. Find some open space (PROJECT DRAGONFLY) ­čśë ┬áLeave your goggles aside to start with and get it to hover (line of site) once you have a feel for the sticks, Go FPV baby!!

Now apart from keeping the faith until you start to get it, there is one other tip I have to offer, BATTERIES! get lots of em, the one that comes with these Micro bundles of fun, is not enough man!!! just as you get your groove on….Wait…and WAIT! lol Power up gang, you won’t regret it.

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